Our values can be summarized in these four principles:

  • Respect for nature in the vineyard;
  • Respect for wine in the cellar;
  • Respect for the consumer, always;
  • Respect for the community and social issues.

The first principle refers to the use of minimally invasive cultivation techniques, ever respectful of the environment, to protect and safeguard land. In fact both pruning and harvesting are manual. This avoids plant stress due to the use of mechanical equipment and also grants a longer plant life (around double) and therefore an increased yield. The fertilizers used are natural and, in any case, are kept to a minimum. An indication of the health of the soil is the abundance of self-sown, indigenous vegetation and the many insects and birds which continue the food chain.

The second principle means that our aim is to produce a healthy and Natural Wine, which doesn’t, for example, give you that morning-after headache.

The third principle means that we advocate informed wine consumption. We are against the excessive consumption of alcohol and we support prevention of alcoholism, particularly upon youngsters. Wine should be a sought-after pleasure rather a risk to be avoided.

We respect our customer’s requirements in that our wines combine high quality with reasonable price.

In the past, the use of barrels to store wine was unavoidable, as there was no alternative. Today it is a company choice, because there are different materials as cement, steel, glass. So, for some of our wines we follow the “no wood” philosophy, from grape to glass, as nature, science and men work made them.

Those wines are aged in steel tanks, sometimes cement. Beside this, for some wines we use with parsimony and wisdom medium-sized barrels.

For the fourth principle, we think that our co-workers are the heart of the company, and we value their work as such.